Product Registration

Hortus Technical Services Pty Ltd operates a Product Registration System for suppliers wishing to have their products available through the AgPro online ordering system. Products listed in recommendations that Hortus provide to it's client base can then be ordered via the nearest participating reseller. Listings via the AgPro online ordering system do not alter the process through which products are selected for use in recommendations, it simply means that there is easily accessible product information and a means or ordering it online. Without complete and current product information, Hortus cannot make accurate recommendations to growers on the rate, target pests, chemical grouping, compatibility, efficacy etc unless both our consultants and growers have access to the latest accurate information - we see the Hortus product registration process an important tool in compiling key information that relates to the horticultural industry and it's inputs into one place.

More stringent compliance and audit requirements from Industry and Government, together with liability issues associated with recommending products have lead to the implementation of this process. This process also aims to get vital product information directly to growers adding value and efficiency to their business processes. Currently, Hortus includes fertiliser and plant health products on its nutrition and integrated pest management reports to hundreds of growers all over Australia. The plant health product data base ensures Hortus Agronomists and Agents provide growers with the most appropriate product information in their recommendations.

This ensures product incompatibility issues are minimised as well as ensures the product is used at the appropriate rate, and number of times in a season to avoid resistance build up, phyto-toxicity or poor distribution uniformity. Product suitability to the identified problem assists in implementing effective resistance management strategies and provides the facility for suppliers to ensure that accurate product information is made available to growers, consultants and distributors alike through a central independent portal.

Suppliers are asked to complete the product registration form, for which a fee applies (dependent on the number of products registered) this covers the cost of maintaining, managing and hosting the Product database - for the benefit of the entire Horticultural industry.

* Tier 1 - up to 3 products - $550 inc GST
* Tier 2 - up to 10 products - $1100 inc GST
* Tier 3 - up to 20 products - $1600 inc GST
* Tier 4 - up to 50 products - $2200 inc GST

All Product information will be listed on the "registered products" page of the Hortus website, by category. Awards will be presented in December each year for the best performing product. Growers will be able to order their required farm inputs online and select their preferred reseller through which the product is to be delivered. The three key benefits to having your products registered include:

* Ensuring both Growers and consultants have complete and correct product information
* Receive feedback on product performance and usage
* Online order processing

I hope this process prolongs the life of essential farm inputs and ensures their correct use. Given the cost of developing new products, their appropriate use is an essential component in today's highly regulated environment and ensures that the end user enjoys the maximum benefit from the associated product, while better delivering product information to the valued manufacturers on product performance.